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Quality is a prerequisite for survival in a competitive market, without having a systematic approach to achieving qualities is impossible . :
- Quality of design
- Quality of implementation
- Quality of available
- Quality in safety
- Quality in use

Quality products and services the company has caused permanent presence in the country's ongoing projects and the implementation of assigned projects and Turnkey and sync full cooperation with employers, support, training and implementation of conservation plans to the credibility of the company's Added Vasvdgy contract provides for investors.
For nearly a quarter century in the field of filtration and crystallized salt plant construction and transmission technology to implement more than 10 projects inside the country and their localization, refined salt has been crystallized across the country
Executing various project in different fields of industries, has made this company to one of the leaders in designing, procurement, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of turnkey projects in the country.
Relying on professional ethics, accountability, the use of modern standards and common principles and a desire to gain experience in the field of modern science and engineering work, superior customer satisfaction, and the main cause of the company's pioneers Industrial Farayand .
Latest news :
Effective and active presence in the Pharmex international middle east festival 2021
IPFarayand Co. attended in the 16th international building and construction industry exhibition in 2016
The 16th international building and construction industry exhibition in 2016
Holding official Ramadan feast in IPFarayand
IPFarayand participate in the 5th international innovation and technology exhibition - INOTEX 2016
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advanced anti-corrosive technology
API industry
about industrial pioneers farayand co :
industrial pioneers farayand company started its activity in 1991, on designing, manufacturing, and commissioning on chemical, oil, mineral, pharmaceutical and food industries. the progress and improvements made on the related local industries and the necessity of the access to machinery with special alloys encouraged this company to direct the continuous progress and blooming along with development, by obtaining & transferring technology, enhancing & strengthening engineering and manufacturing department. relying on professional ethic and applying engineering principals & modern standards, have lead to obtain. customers satisfaction which is the mainfactor of the development of the company. the quality of the products and services of this company, have created our continuous attendance in the current projects in the country. the execution of turnkey projects and providing the client with the work progress periodical reports and the comparison made with the related project time table during the execution of the project, have made the investors to be assured about on time execution of the project, and the support on the executed projects has also increased the reliability of this company.
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Email : info@ipfarayand.com
Address : Num 7 , Kosar St , Sattarkhan St, Tohid Sq , Tehran
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